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About John & Smith Solutions

John & Smith.

A unique solution to all employee management challenges

Employees are the driving fuel of a company. John & Smith helps you manage all your employee-related information under one umbrella. We combine the strength of cloud and mobility to give a new face to Employee Management Systems. Our simplified software will give you the ease of handling various concerns linked to H.R. You can now have access to all your employee-related data from anywhere and anytime, including on your mobile and tablet.

There is no complicated installation to get started with us. Keep employees on track with our fully integrated staff holiday planner and appraisal management system. We make it easier than ever to attract, retain and reward top talents, all the while reducing costs, saving time, and integrating and aligning the efforts of your employees with your organizational goals. You no longer have to rely on a lot of paperwork and calculations to put those all together in place. This software is fully scalable taking your company many steps ahead by providing all the tools required to take care of bookings, timesheets, compliance, customizable modules, Real-time updates, instant report generation and much more.

Move your business to a fast lane with us. If you think of yourself as a dynamic business, you need a dynamic software that is user-friendly and affordable to manage all your sensitive people data in an organized and safe database, like the kind John & Smith offers.

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Create a better world by unleashing the potential of the individuals


Enhance the individual potential by creating accelerated environment for unconventional innovation.